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Grade Jim Schwartz - October 2010

The end of October is nearing, so it's once again time to hand out some grades, starting first with Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. In September's poll, which was taken after two games, Schwartz received a B by 50% of the voters, a C by 22% of the voters and an A by 20% of the voters. Only a total of 5% of the voters gave him a D or F. There were a total of 2288 votes on the poll.

Since the September poll, the Lions have won one game and lost three games. Over that time there has been much debate about some of Schwartz's coaching decisions, and although we have seen a lot of improvement, I'm interested in gauging where Schwartz stands with the Lions fan base, so go ahead and vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments. My vote and explanation can be viewed after the jump.

Back in September, I gave Schwartz a B, and that grade is no different in October. My reasoning was that while I was encouraged by the progress, I wouldn't raise my grade until wins started happening. Well, a month later my opinion is the same. I am encouraged by what I have seen, but I need to start seeing more wins before I even think about giving Schwartz an A. Hopefully by this time in November, the Lions will have given me a reason to consider bumping up Schwartz a letter grade. For now, though, I'm sticking with a B.

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