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Captain Of The Tailgate

As you may have noticed, Captain Morgan is our newest sponsor, and over the next few weeks they will sponsor a post that focuses on tailgating. We can talk about food, drinks, festivities, gadgets, etc. that make the tailgating experience great.

I'm not a big tailgater by any means, so I want your help for these weekly posts. Have tips you want to send in on how to make the tailgating experience better? Send me an e-mail at or leave a comment and I may use your advice in a future post. Actually, feel free to send me anything tailgating related, whether its tips, stories, suggestions or ideas. Specifically for Lions games, for example, you could send in ideas about where to tailgate before going to a game at Ford Field.

As a thank you for your time, below is a commercial Captain Morgan put together featuring Marisa Miller. Need I say more?