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Watch The Lions-Redskins Game On (For Blackout Zone Only)

If you were in the blackout zone on Sunday, you can watch the Lions-Redskins game on through Wednesday. Whether you were unable to watch the game on Sunday, want to watch it in non-stream form or just want to watch the 37-25 victory again, that is possible by going here. You have to be located in the blackout zone, though. (Or rather, your computer does, I suppose.)

There are some restrictions with this "Game Rewind." Aside from having to be in the blackout zone, the game will not be available during Monday Night Football. I guess they don't want you watching a replay of the Lions-Redskins game while the MNF game is on, so tonight it will be unavailable.

The "Game Rewind" setup is pretty cool, so it's worth checking out if you can, even if you did catch the game yesterday. You can jump around to specific points in the game and it's all in HD, so it's cool to go back and watch the victory or at the very least key plays from the victory.

Reminder: It's available through Wednesday.

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