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War Of Words Between Lions, Jets' Bart Scott Continues

Shortly after this past Sunday's Lions-Jets game, New York linebacker Bart Scott called out the Lions for their supposed dirty play, saying this:

"They're by far the dirtiest football team since I played the Titans. I swear to God I hope I see them again in life."

The obvious connection between the Titans and Lions is Jim Schwartz, who was Tennessee's defensive coordinator before becoming the Lions' head coach. Scott wasn't a fan of the way the Titans played when he last went up against them and he clearly wasn't a fan of the way the Lions played this past Sunday. He is actually the second player this season to call the Lions a dirty team, as Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams called out the Lions for allegedly trying to cheap-shot them earlier in the year.

Jim Schwartz was asked about Scott's comments on Monday and had this to say:

"You probably have to consider the source," Schwartz said. "Isn't that the guy that was throwing flags at the officials?" 

Needing to get the last word in, Scott fired back at Schwartz on Wednesday with some very harsh comments.

"We're playing the Browns man, I ain't going to oblige him," Scott said. "He'll be watching TV in January, I don't got nothing to say to him.

"Listen, I won't have to play Detroit for another four years, I could care less what that man has to say. He don't even exist to me anymore. Does it really matter? I don't have to see him ever again. Am I going to see him at the Super Bowl? Playoffs? Probably not. In the parking lot? What do you want me to say? Why would I care. I never have to see him again. Ever."

Although Scott's comments about the Lions being a dirty team were directed at the offense, defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham went off on Scott on Thursday, firing back at this notion that Detroit plays dirty.

"So I don’t want this one-track pony going, ‘Oh, the Lions are dirty,’" Cunningham said after the Lions’ practice today. "We hit you. And I told you that in the beginning of the year, or last year, we’re going to hit you. And we’re not going to push you out on the sideline. We’re going to hit you. You’re legal, we’re going to hit you. 

"That’s what we do, and for them to call us a dirty football team really (ticks) me off. We play tough, we play hard, and we’re going to continue to do that, and we’re going to get better at that. And mister what’s his name? Scott? Maybe he can read that if you write it."  

Bravo, Gunther. Bravo.

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