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Lions Notes: Matthew Stafford To Visit Dr. James Andrews

  • Kid Rock is going to perform the song "Born Free" at halftime of the Lions' Thanksgiving game against the Patriots.
  • Jack Williams was not reinstated to the active roster, so he will be on the reserve PUP list for the rest of the season.
  • Matthew Stafford is going to visit Dr. James Andrews on Monday. This will be his third visit with the most popular doctor in sports in the last two seasons.
  • On a lighter note, Tom Kowalski photobombed a Matthew Stafford picture earlier this week.
  • Also earlier this week, Jason Hanson commented on the decision to have Ndamukong Suh kick an extra point against the Jets.
    "It was not a panic move, Suh can kick. He can kick well, that’s no joke. It’s hard on him because he doesn’t have any time to think about it,’’ Hanson said on Wednesday.
    For people still questioning the move to have Suh kick instead of Nick Harris, who is the holder, please read this:
    "That’s the other thing, the cat is out of the bag. The hold is as important as the kick. So if you have Nick kick and put someone in there who’s a backup holder -- you’ve got a guy who hasn’t kicked much and put a guy who hasn’t held much and you have a double dose of trouble,’’ Hanson said.
    If you're going to criticize Jim Schwartz for anything with this whole Suh kicking thing, it should be that a timeout wasn't taken to allow Suh to warm up. Schwartz admitted that earlier this week. Criticizing him for having Suh kick instead of Harris is just plain stupid, though.

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  • The first half of the Lions' schedule was the third-toughest in the entire NFL. The second half is much easier on paper right now, though (thanks mainly to Buffalo).
  • Al Harris, who was released by the Packer recently, signed with the Dolphins. The Lions were interested in pursuing Harris before he ended up in Miami, according to National Football Post.
  • Kevin Smith wrote on his blog that of all the losses he's experienced in the NFL, the loss to the Jets hurts the most.
  • The Lions have used the pistol formation every once in a while this season, and Scott Linehan actually studied it earlier this year when he was down at the University of Alabama.
  • Jets kicker Nick Folk didn't realize that his field goal in overtime won the game against the Lions despite the fact that he kicked it on third down. He was under the impression that the new overtime format for the playoffs was also the format for the regular season. Do coaches not tell their players anything about overtime?
  • Bart Scott got fined $20,000 for playing without his chin straps strapped at times on Sunday. All I can say about this news is LOL.
  • Jahvid Best is one of 14 NFL rookies that will be on Pepsi MAX cans.
  • Ford Field is tied for being the fifth-most vegetarian-friendly stadium in the NFL.
  • Chan Gailey, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, was Calvin Johnson's head coach in college at Georgia Tech.
  • Former Lion John Greene passed away last week at the age of 90.

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