Just a couple of things a read over at ESPN that you might like to read

So since I only get to read about that game... Between work and not having the Sunday ticket... So in my reading I saw these 2 little bits and thought I would share this just in case you may have missed it.

  • Nice line from John Niyo of the Detroit News: "The Lions can't even win a hair-pulling contest right now." Niyo was referring to defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh being penalized (in error) for tackling Cowboys tailback Marion Barber by his hair.
  • Hair-pulling: Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was called for a horse-collar tackle of Cowboys tailback Marion Barber on a key second-down play early in the fourth quarter. In fact, Suh tackled Barber by his hair -- a completely legal play that was confirmed on the FOX broadcast by former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira. The Cowboys should have faced a third down from their 10-yard line but instead got a new set of downs from the 5, culminating in Miles Austin's 5-yard touchdown reception to extend the Cowboys lead to 28-19. Schwartz's livid reaction was completely justified.
  • and here is some of the links...
  • It just goes to show good calls or bad calls CAN change the out come of the game and the refs need to be more on top and get better...Also by making some changes to the review process the coach's won't be so scared to throw their flag. I also think that WCF needs to do something to get our team off the "WE CAN SCREW THIS TEAM OVER" list..
  • Well there ya go and yes I know you can't blame the refs and all that good stuff just thought I would spread in the info I saw.

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