Incase you missed it... early mock draft if the season ended today

I ran across this today and thought I would share it with my fellow P.O.D'ers. This is from the Bleacher report and I thought it was interesting to see that they are thinking a lot how we are when it comes to next yrs. draft. With us taking Patrick Peterson 3rd overall and then Rodney Hudson, OG, Florida State with 34th overall.

Personally I like the picks I would like it if we would get LB Greg Jones from MSU instead but I also think upgrade on the O line is a need as well. But for some odd reason they also have him slipping to rd. 2 going to the Broncos at pick 48..

The 1 thing that boggles me though is how did the Patriots get the 33rd pick and why are we a picking ahead of the Panthers and the Bengals in the 2nd round. When we are picking behind them in the 1st rd. If anyone knows the answer please let me know...Thank you

Below I posted the link to the site so you can check it out yourself

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