No you do not fire the coach...

There is NO NEED WHAT SO EVER TO EVEN BRING IT UP... and here is why to just name a few

1. His 1st head coaching job he gets, is w/ the 1st team in history to go 0-16
2. His rookie season he had maybe 1/3 of decent to good players
3. He had a ROOKIE as his QB
4. His QB goes down for the yr. and misses 5-6 games in his rookie season (which we all know it is crucial learning time.)
on to this season

1. Got a few better players but still many glaring holes (LB,DB,OL) just to name a few..
2. A couple of starters on the D are injured/banged up (Levy,Delmas) and using (imo) an overrated LB (Follet)
3. Got veteran players NOT grooming (J. Peterson) the younger guys on how to play at 110%
4. The Starting QB goes down in the 1st half of the 1st game. and missed 4-5 games
5. QB comes back and gets hurt again..

6. Some players heads are just not in the game or have completely "checked out"

Just think about this while you ponder your thoughts.. Where would the Colts, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Eagles, Giants, Packers, Saints, be w/o their starting QB... I will give you a hint where we are NOW!
So even tho the coach is responsible at the end of the day...You must always take into account the different variables through the season..
SO PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP (OR KOOL-AID) stop talking about firing the coach when you are not even taking everything into consideration.

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