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Drew Stanton Attempts To Do The Dougie (Video)

In case you missed it yesterday, Drew Stanton celebrated his touchdown run in the first quarter by doing the Dougie, or should I say he attempted to do the Dougie. The dance was pretty ugly and was one of the most unsmooth end zone celebrations I've seen in some time. It actually looked like he was punching himself in the head rather than dancing, as you can see below.

Yesterday on SB Nation Detroit I joked that someone needs to teach Drew Stanton how to Dougie, but he actually said as much after the game.

"You work so hard to get into the end zone, it takes all 11 guys doing their job and the payoff ... you have a little bit of fun with it. It wasn't too good,'' Stanton said. "I don't know if anybody else knows how to Dougie around here, but I could use a little help.''

I'm here to help, Drew. You can watch the official "Teach Me How To Dougie" video here, and if you want to further study this dance, check out Braylon Edwards' end zone celebration from earlier this year. Personally, this is my favorite rendition of the Dougie, done by Puddles, Oregon's mascot:

Interestingly, the Bears didn't have a problem with Stanton celebrating his touchdown, but they did take issue with how awful of a celebration it was.

"We really didn't mind him doing the Dougie, he was excited,'' said Chicago cornerback D.J. Moore. "But the problem was it was a bad Dougie.''

With Stanton likely to be the starter for the next few weeks at the least, here's to hoping he will score plenty of touchdowns and have many chances to work on his end zone celebration.

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