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Bob Karmelowicz Opts for Retirement, Will Be Replaced by Kris Kocurek

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About a week before the Senior Bowl Lions defensive line coach Bob Karmelowicz was considering retirement and didn't make the trip to Mobile with the rest of the coaching staff.  He was replaced by assistant defensive line coach Kris Kocurek, signaling that retirement was probably a given.  As it turns out, Karmelowicz has in fact retired, and Kocurek has received a promotion.

Karmelowicz, who has been suffering with some health problems, will be replaced on the staff by Kris Kocurek, assistant defensive line coach who worked under Karmelowicz last season. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had been hoping to give Kocurek more seasoning under Karmelowicz but believes that he progressed enough to earn the position.

First things first, I hope whatever issues Karmelowicz is dealing with go way and he gets better.

As for the Lions' coaching staff, you can see what it now looks like after the jump.

Head coach: Jim Schwartz

Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks: Scott Linehan
Assistant Quarterbacks: Todd Downing
Running Backs Sam Gash
Wide Receivers: Shawn Jefferson
Tight Ends: Tim Lappano
Offensive Line: George Yarno
Assistant Offensive Line: Jeremiah Washburn

Defensive Coordinator: Gunther Cunningham
Defensive Line: Kris Kocurek
Linebackers: Matt Burke
Defensive Assistant: Don Clemson
Secondary: Tim Walton
Assistant Secondary: Daron Roberts

Special Teams Coordinator: Danny Crossman
Assistant Special Teams: Bradford Banta

Coordinator of Physical Development: Jason Arapoff
Strength and Conditioning Assistant: Ted Rath