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Gerald McCoy Meets with Lions Multiple Times

The Lions have had multiple meetings with Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.  As was reported over the weekend, the same goes for Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  Although not every meeting will be reported, you can bet that the Lions are attempting to meet with as many players as they can in Indianapolis, both to talk life in general and to talk football.  I'm sure one of those meetings with McCoy was focused strictly on football, as the Oklahoma defensive tackle recently talked quite a bit about how his college's defense is similar to what the Lions run.

"They're an attack defense, get-up-the-field, penetrate, disrupt-type defense," McCoy said. "That's how we played at Oklahoma. That's how I play. So I think I fit in well there."

McCoy also talked quite a bit about the difference in his stats compared to Suh and why it wasn't as big of a deal as many may think.  Just from that one article you can definitely tell that McCoy understands football very well, as he was breaking down defenses for the media.