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Larry Foote Wants to Play for a Winner Again

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Larry Foote is set to visit the Steelers, his former team, on Monday.  Foote visited the Cardinals earlier this week and made it known that he'd specifically like to play for Arizona, and in general he wants to be on a winning team no matter what.  Also, Foote would prefer to play in a 3-4 defense again since he is more comfortable in that type of system.

"I'm begging. I want to get back to a winner. I feel more comfortable with a 3-4 (defense). Pittsburgh wants me back but I want to be a Cardinal and hopefully we can get it done. First of all, they're winning. I know 'Whiz'. I know his pedigree, what type of coach he is, the talent they have here. They have a good chance of going back to the Super Bowl."

Considering Foote left Arizona without a deal, it seems like the chances of him returning to the Steelers are pretty good.  More than anything, it's pretty obvious he won't be coming back to Detroit at this point.  His comments about returning to a winner are a shot at the Lions, though I can understand where he is coming from.  Foote had played for a winning franchise in Pittsburgh all of his career, so coming to a team like the Lions had to be tough.  On top of that, there's no doubt that Foote feels slighted by the franchise after not receiving a long-term contract offer despite passing up other offers in 2009 to join the team.  In that regard, I can see why he is upset. 

Regardless of Foote's thoughts on the Lions, it does look like he will get his wish of playing for a winner again, assuming the Steelers extend him an offer.  It sounds like he would have accepted an offer from the Cardinals if he got one, but now that he's set to visit Pittsburgh, my prediction is for him to return to that team.