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Chester Pitts to Visit Lions on Wednesday

Free agent offensive guard Chester Pitts said on Twitter a few days ago that he will be visiting the Lions on Wednesday.  John Niyo got confirmation that the visit will happen from Pitts' agent, who also said that his client will be visiting the 49ers later on in the week.

Pitts has reportedly drawn interest from a variety of teams, including the Lions, Dolphins, Bengals, and Seahawks.  Obviously the 49ers are interested as well seeing as they have scheduled a visit with the veteran guard.

Before 2009, Pitts started every game from the 2002 season to 2008.  He also started 2 games this past season before a knee injury brought his streak of consecutive starts to an end.  If he can get healthy again, Pitts would be a nice addition for any offensive line, especially one like the Lions, which has such a big need at guard.