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More Rumors About Lions' Interest in Pacman Jones

A couple weeks ago when rumors about Antonio Cromartie started popping up, there was also a rumor swirling about Pacman Jones. The rumor, which made its way around the NFL Combine, involved the possibility that the Lions were interested in the former Tennessee Titan. On paper the rumor made sense considering the connection between Jones and Jim Schwartz, and actually the rumor mainly was about Schwartz reaching out to his former player.

Although Tom Kowalski seemed to debunk the rumor as nothing more than an agent's attempt to create some buzz for Pacman Jones' March 19 workout, the rumor has picked up some steam again in recent days based on an apparent report made by NFL Network's Jason La Canfora.

According to NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, the 49ers and Lions are showing the most interest in free agent Pacman Jones.

La Canfora also touted the Pacman-to-Detroit scenario in an blog post 10 days ago. It's expected that both teams' head coaches (Mike Singletary and Jim Schwartz) will attend Jones' individual workout next Friday.

Like Niners Nation, SB Nations' 49ers blog, I am a little skeptical of this report. It just seems like it could easily be nothing more than BS, although I don't doubt that the Lions have probably at least talked about Pacman Jones. That conversation may not have lasted very long, but I would imagine the thought of at least attending his workout has been entertained.

For me, I don't know if I would want the Lions to even waste their time considering just how big of a screw up Pacman Jones is, but if Jim Schwartz does go to his workout and thinks he has something left football-wise, then perhaps the risk might be worth it. If Jones was brought in, depth at cornerback would suddenly look even better than before, but I would still treat it as a position of need simply because you never know when Jones will do something stupid and cost himself a spot on the team. That is where the risk in all of this comes in, although even speculating that far in advance is looking a little too far ahead in my opinion. Like I said before, I'm not even sure how credible this report is, so we probably should wait to see if anything develops from this workout on Friday before putting too much stock in the Lions' supposed interest in Pacman Jones. Even so, what do you guys think about the possibility of adding him if his workout goes well?

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