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Larry Foote Deal with Steelers Coming Soon?

Terry Foster of the Detroit News is reporting that Larry Foote and the Steelers are close to a deal.

"I am excited to return," said Foote, who drove to Pittsburgh in hopes of finalizing a three-year contract. "They called."

Based on a report from this past weekend, Foote will probably be in Pittsburgh today to take a physical and finalize this deal. 

Three years is a lot more than Foote ever could have hoped for with the Lions, but I will wish him good luck with the Steelers if that is where he does indeed end up.  I know people haven't been a fan of how this whole situation was handled, especially with some of the comments Foote made recently, but he did say something good in this latest article:

"It was a positive experience," he said. "I mean, I got to play at home, but that part that stunk is that all of the games were not on television. ... But overall, the people I met and networked with, I was happy about the situation."

I'm sure it's only a matter of time until Foote ends up back in Detroit again at some point in his life, just not as a linebacker for the Lions.