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Lions Host Russell Okung for a Visit

The draft process contains various opportunities for teams to better get to know the players they might select.  There is the Senior Bowl along with a couple other similar games.  Of course, there is the combine in Indianapolis.  Pro days give all players out there a shot to impress scouts.  And finally, for 30 players per team, prospect visits are a chance for coaching staffs and the front office to continue to get to know the people who could possibly be selected in April.

For the Lions, who made good use of their visits a year ago by bringing in a variety of potential picks, Russell Okung was the first visitor this year.  The offensive tackle from Oklahoma State has recently had his name come to the forefront for the second overall pick as everybody continues to think about possible situations where the Lions might draft him.  Just a month ago his name was completely on the backburner behind the two defensive tackles, but Okung has had a positive buzz in the last week or two.

Before anybody takes Okung's visit as a sign that the Lions are drafting him or something like that, just remember that he is only one of 30 players that can come to Allen Park for a visit.  What's more, Gerald McCoy is already scheduled to visit on Thursday following his arrival on Wednesday night, and you can bet other top prospects will make their way to Allen Park at some point in the next month or so as well.