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Lions to Re-Sign Marquand Manuel

Earlier this month when free agency began, it didn't really look like the Lions were too worried about bringing safety Marquand Manuel back.  As it turns out, though, Manuel is going to be re-signed by the team later today, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Safety Marquand Manuel is signing a one-year, $805,000 contract with the Lions today.

Once Manuel re-signs with the Lions, the list of the team's remaining unrestricted free agents will look like this: Daunte Culpepper, Patrick Ramsey, Casey FitzSimmons, Damion Cook, William James, and Anthony Henry.  I think it's safe to say the Lions won't be bringing back Culpepper or Ramsey after trading for Shaun Hill, and I doubt Henry would be brought back just based on how often he was benched last season.  As for the rest, I suppose it's possible that the Lions could re-sign FitzSimmons, Cook, or James for depth purposes, so I'm not going to write any of them off just yet.