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Please Stop Talking, Larry Foote

I've tried to give Larry Foote the benefit of the doubt during this whole situation with him not returning to the Lions and making some negative comments about the team.  I realized that Foote was upset with how things were handled and he was just stating the obvious when he said something about how the Lions were not a winning team.  My reaction was basically one of indifference more than anything because I didn't think the comments were that big of a deal. 

My feelings on what he said yesterday, however, are quite a bit different.

"You can't really explain it until you go through it," he said. "You talk about dog days. Those were dog days, especially being a competitive person and losing. But I made some good relationships and it was good going home playing there. I'm just glad I'm back and thank God I didn't sign a longer deal there."

I realize Foote wasn't used to playing for a losing team and last year was a different experience for him in that sense, but he really needs to learn to just stop talking at some point.  Like I said, I've tried to give him the benefit of the doubt because I appreciated the fact that he did come back to Detroit to play for the Lions last season, but to say "thank God I didn't sign a longer deal there" is just annoying for a variety of reasons. 

Foote is well known for saying what's on his mind (just ask him about Michigan State and you will understand that pretty quickly) and is simply justifying his "decision" to not return to the Lions, but the fact of the matter is that the Lions, based on everything that has been reported, did not even offer him a long-term deal.  That is the main reason why Foote is back in Pittsburgh now.  Detroit opted to go with DeAndre Levy in the middle after he performed well in place of Foote last season.  Sure, the Lions probably wouldn't have been against bringing back Foote for another season at the right price simply to make sure there is a backup plan in case Levy isn't quite ready to start, but the whole issue was over the fact that there wasn't a long-term offer on the table.  That is why Foote moved on to begin with.

As I have made clear many times before, I thank Foote for playing for the Lions last season.  With that being said, he needs to just go about his business as a Steeler and stop taking shots at the Lions, especially when they are nothing more than excuses for not returning to Detroit.  It is a slap in the face to anybody that follows the Lions to make it sound like he had a choice to sign a long-term deal here anyways, so please, Larry, just keep your mouth shut for a change.