With all the different senerios out there here is 1 that i haven't seen yet

What about a trade down w/ the Bills who do need a QB. Swap #1 picks and get their 3rd and 4th rd's. and this is my mock if that would happen. They have the 9th overall BTW

1. E. Thomas S

2. D. McCourty CB

3. A. Jones DT Syrause

3. J. Shipley WR

4. T. Gerhart RB

4. Adam Vlatoski T Texas

5-7 BPA

IMO that would fill many holes and give us some room to due some real damage the D would be set the O would be almost set.. Will need to get some better OL but you can only fill so many holes a yr. Rome was not built in a day or even a yr. ( and I am not talking about Jim Rome either).

So chime in and tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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