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Tuesday Notes: Restricted Free Agent News to Come Down Today?

  • The Lions will alert their restricted free agents about their status going forward sometime today.
  • Speaking of restricted free agents, offensive guard Davis Baas received a tendered contract offer from the 49ers.  I know there has been a lot of talk about possibly picking him up, but since the 49ers could get a second-round pick if a team signs him, that doesn't exactly seem all that likely.
  • Saints running back Mike Bell got a tendered offer as well, but signing him would not cost a team any draft picks.
  • A couple players suffered injuries during the NFL Combine and were unable to finish all of the drills.  Russell Okung, for example, missed a couple drills after experiencing a "minor groin injury."  And yesterday Brandon Graham tweaked his hamstring and will now have to wait until Michigan's pro day to do all of the drills.  (By the way, for those of you concerned about Graham's arm length, they were measured wrong at the Senior Bowl; they are actually 32 1/4 inches, not 30 1/2.  Whoops.)
  • Based solely on what happened at the NFL Combine, Mocking the Draft thinks Ndamukong Suh has separated himself from Gerald McCoy.
  • Considering what Mike Mayock's reaction was to McCoy's combine performance, I wouldn't be surprised if he shakes up the top of his draft board, which currently has the Oklahoma defensive tackle in the No. 1 spot.
  • Pride of Detroit recently went over the 100,000 comments mark!
  • Matthew Stafford has another AXE Hair Action Challenge commercial out.  There is also one that goes behind the scenes, which can be seen below.