Reasonable possible offseason moves for 2010

Here are my thoughts on what the Lions should do this off season. Let me know what you think.

1. Trade the 5th pick and RB. M.Morris to SD. for Cromartie

2. Sign RB. Thomas Jones to back up/start and teach K.Smith

3. Draft rd 1 DT. McCoy or Suh, which ever one is left rd 2 CB K. Wilson rd 3 WR J. Shippley rd 4 RB J. Bell (Wayne State) the rest of the draft fill needs and or best player left.

4. Change the defense to a 3-4 the Lions would have a really good core for this w/ LB's Sims, Foote, Peterson, Levy. plus w/ the addition of the new DT (which either 1 is going to be a monster) Hill and Avirl the front 7 would be as solid as anyone's in the league. Detroit already has a great safety (Delmas) and if they can pull off the trade they would have 2 good CB's move A. Henry to safety and use Buchanon at the nickel.

The object here is Defense wins championships, and if you can stop the other team you will not have to throw it 30+ times. That way you will not have to worry as much about a shaky OL cause you now can play ball control and next yr. you can fix the OL. If the Lions put this plan in to work, there would be 2 good RB's and new blood at WR to take away the double team away from Calvin. Follow this plan the Lions will be 8-8 at least if not playoff bound.

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