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Lions Awarded Supplemental Compensatory Pick, Will Select Mr. Irrelevant

The NFL handed out compensatory picks today, and the Lions once again received a supplemental one at the end of the seventh-round.  Detroit did not get the extra pick because of free agency or anything like that; the NFL simply needed to add two supplemental picks at the end of the draft to get to 32 compensatory selections.  As a result, the Rams were awarded the 254th pick and the Lions received the last pick of the draft -- No. 255.

What this means is that the Lions will select Mr. Irrelevant for the second time in the last four years.  As you may remember, cornerback Ramzee Robinson was drafted by the Lions in 2007 with the last pick of the draft and actually was on the roster up until before last season.  Including Robinson, the Lions have selected Mr. Irrelevant four times in their history (Tommy Bronson in 1958, Ellis Horton in 1954, and Hal Maus in 1953).

With the addition of the final pick of the draft, the Lions now have the following selections:

Round 1 - #2 (2)
Round 2 - #2 (34)
Round 3 - #2 (66)
Round 4 - #2 (100)
Round 5 - #2 (133)
Round 7 - #7 from Cleveland (214)
Round 7 - #48 (255)