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Comcast to Continue Sponsorship of POD, Other SBN Sites in 2010

Last fall Comcast decided to come aboard as one of the primary sponsors of Pride of Detroit and other SB Nation football blogs.  The sponsorship led to a weekly post ("Red Zone Recap") about red zone stats that was a great addition to the site and produced many interesting findings.  With or without Comcast I was planning on continuing that weekly post in the 2010 season, but I'm excited to announce that Comcast will indeed be back to sponsor this site and other SBN sites in 2010.  Comcast realized how awesome of a thing we have going here at POD and the rest of the network and wanted to continue the partnership for another year.

In case you aren't already aware of some of the NFL-related things Comcast is currently offering and will offer in the future, here is a quick rundown:

* Comcast's cable lineup, including NFL Network, will offer wall-to-wall draft coverage including a live broadcast of the draft

* NFL Network on Demand on Comcast will complement all the live draft coverage with profiles of the 100 top prospects available leading up to the draft

* Comcast's NFL programming will also include extensive training camp coverage, preseason game broadcasts and full coverage of Hall of Fame weekend

* During the regular season, NFL Network on Demand lets you re-watch every NFL game as soon as 24 hours following its original airing

* The wildly successful and popular RedZone Channel will be back on Comcast for a second season

All I can say is that for my productivity's sake, it's a good thing I will be at college and not at home where we have Comcast.  Last fall I made it back home for a couple weekends and got to experience the RedZone Channel for myself.  Needless to say, not a lot was accomplished outside of watching football all Sunday long. 

The best example of how awesome the RedZone Channel is came on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  The Lions weren't playing and the fantasy football season was really heating up.  As a result, I spent all Sunday watching the RedZone Channel to follow my players and my opponents' players and in general keep up with the latest action.  By the end of the day I didn't even need to watch highlights of the games or anything because I already saw basically everything that happened.

Aside from the RedZone Channel, the coolest tidbit from the list above is that games will now be watchable On Demand.  I'm assuming that means that if the Lions are blacked out, you can go back and watch the game On Demand by as early as 24 hours later.  Even if they aren't blacked out and you just want to relive the action or watch something you missed, it appears that that will be possible with Comcast's On Demand service.

Regardless of your feelings about Comcast as a company, I'm excited for their sponsorship of POD to continue in the future and thank them for supporting us.  They obviously see how great of a community we have here and at other sites, and their support is greatly appreciated.

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