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SB Nation Mock Draft Begins

The 2010 SB Nation Mock Draft got started this morning with Turf Show Times picking Sam Bradford for the St. Louis Rams.  That puts the Lions on the clock now, although my pick for Detroit has already been submitted.  I won't spoil the surprise for my pick, but I think you can probably guess who I drafted for the Lions.  Check out Mocking the Draft this afternoon to find out my selection and keep checking it out for each pick of the SB Nation Mock Draft in the weeks that follow.

Also, on the topic of mock drafts, I'm sure many of you are still wondering what is going on with the Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft.  Well, my plan is for the initial post to go up tonight or tomorrow, at which point we will try to figure out who will participate in the draft and who will represent which teams.  After that we will get a schedule for picks ironed out and then hopefully start making picks by next week.  So make sure to look out for that in the next day or so as well.