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Lions Re-Sign Manny Ramirez, Daniel Loper

Nicholas Cotsonika of the Detroit Free Press is reporting that restricted free agent offensive guards Manny Ramirez and Daniel Loper have signed their one-year tenders with the Lions.

Ramirez's tender included right of first refusal and original draft compensation, meaning the Lions would have received a fourth-round pick if Ramirez signed an offer sheet with another team and a decision was made to not match the offer.  Loper's tender only included right of first refusal.  What this means now that the Lions have re-signed these two players is that Ramirez will make $1,101,000 in 2010 and Loper will make $1,226,000.

In addition to the news about Ramirez and Loper, Cotsonika is also reporting that restricted free agent Dylan Gandy signed a "workout agreement" with the Lions.  Gandy has not signed his tender yet, but this agreement allows him to take part in the Lions' offseason workout program.  I'm not exactly sure why he hasn't signed yet considering if another team hasn't shown interest in him already, it's unlikely they will before the deadline in April, but either way it's probably only a matter of time until he does.

Aside from Gandy, the other restricted free agents who haven't signed their tenders yet are Daniel Bullocks, Kevin Hobbs, and Ko SimpsonCody Spencer and Copeland Bryan were not tendered offers, although Bryan did end up re-signing with the team anyways.

UPDATE: Correction, Kevin Hobbs signed his on March 17.