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Wednesday Notes: Chargers Struggling to Find Trading Partner for Cromartie Deal

  • The Chargers are having a tough time putting together a trade involving Antonio Cromartie.  The main issue is that the Chargers want a high-round pick, but that isn't going to happen considering Cromartie only has a year left on his contract.  Teams only want to give up a mid-round pick (like a fifth-rounder, for example), but San Diego hasn't been willing to take that just yet.  Perhaps they will realize that their hopes of a high-round pick are unrealistic and let him go for a lot less than they originally wanted.  Maybe then the Lions would reconsider a trade, but then again, if the coaches don't like his style of play, I don't know if giving up less would change their opinion on a trade.
  • Sports Illustrated's Don Banks thinks Thomas Jones will sign with the Lions.  I would be pretty happy if that ended up happening.
  • Tom Kowalski has Ndamukong Suh clearly ahead of Gerald McCoy after what happened at the combine.
  • The Sporting News has the Lions drafting defensive end Derrick Morgan.
  • Joshua Cribbs and the Browns are close to agreeing to a new contract.
  • The NFL might invite potential second-round picks to New York for the second night of the draft.
  • Rich Eisen ran his annual 40-yard dash as the combine came to a close yesterday.  His time was actually a personal high, but the best part of all was watching the comparisons with Terrence Cody and seeing Jacoby Ford zoom by despite Eisen having a big head start.
  • SB Nation has launched its 2010 NFL Draft page.