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Manny Ramirez, Dylan Gandy Receive Tendered Offers from Lions

The official list won't be out until Thursday, but the status of two of the Lions' restricted free agents has leaked out via the Detroit News.

A restricted free agent can sign an offer sheet with another team, but the team holding his rights can match any offer or receive compensation in the form of draft picks. The original-round tender for Ramirez -- worth a $1.1 million salary for the fourth-year pro next season-- gives the Lions the right to a fourth-round pick in 2011 if he signs elsewhere. Gandy's offer would pay him $1.176 million next season.

With Ramirez and Gandy out of the way, that leaves Daniel Loper, Jason Hunter, Copeland Bryan, Cody Spencer, Kevin Hobbs, Daniel Bullocks, and Ko Simpson as the restricted free agents we are still waiting to hear about.  As previously stated, the official list of tenders will be out tomorrow, although it's possible news about the rest of the group of restricted free agents could leak out sometime tonight.