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Lions Announce Full List of Tendered Offers for Restricted Free Agents

We learned the status of three restricted free agents last night, but the full list of tenders is now out, as announced this morning by the Detroit Lions.

DE Copeland Bryan  – Not tendered
S Daniel Bullocks – Right of First Refusal (ROFR) & Original Draft Compensation* 
C Dylan Gandy – ROFR & Original Draft Compensation
CB Kevin Hobbs – ROFR
DE Jason Hunter – ROFR & 2nd Round Compensation
G Daniel Loper – ROFR
G Manny Ramirez – ROFR & Original Draft Compensation
S Ko Simpson - ROFR & Original Draft Compensation
LB Cody Spencer - Not tendered

What exactly does this all mean?  Here is a quick overview:

Because Copeland Bryan and Cody Spencer did not receive tendered offers, they are essentially unrestricted free agents now.  They are not technically unrestricted free agents, which could possibly prevent them from signing with one of the final eight teams in the playoffs, but they aren't really restricted anymore, either.  Here is an explanation from using Darren Sproles as an example:

Q. It has been reported that the San Diego Chargers will not offer restricted free agent running back Darren Sproles a contract tender.  What does that mean in terms of his status or that of any restricted free agent who is not offered a contract tender?  Can a "Final Eight" club sign him?

A. When a player who would be a Restricted Free Agent is not tendered a contract by his club, he becomes a free agent who is free to sign with his team or any of the 31 other clubs.  Restricted Free Agents who are tendered also can be signed by the other 31 teams but applicable compensation must be given to the old club if the old club does not exercise its right of first refusal to match the offer. Rules regarding "Final Eight" clubs apply only to UFAs in the uncapped 2010 season.

Daniel Loper and Kevin Hobbs simply received the right of first refusal tender, which gives the Lions the opportunity to match any offer given to those two players.  Because this tender is simply the right of first refusal, the Lions will not receive any compensation if Loper and/or Hobbs sign an offer sheet and Detroit decides not to match.

Manny Ramirez, Dylan Gandy, and Ko Simpson received a tender that includes right of first refusal as well as original draft compensation.  Since all three of these players were originally drafted in the fourth round, the Lions will receive a fourth-round pick if one receives an offer that the Detroit decides not to match.  If two receive an offer that the Lions don't match, then two fourth-rounders will be coming the Lions' way.  Finally, if all three receive offers that go unmatched, then the Lions will get three fourth-rounders as compensation.

A fourth player, Daniel Bullocks, received the same tender, but his compensation is a little different.

NFL Rules state that if a team uses a second-round tender on a player who’s original round is less than that, then the compensation for any other former second-round pick who is tendered at their original round must drop one round. Since DE Jason Hunter entered the league as an undrafted free agent and was tendered with ROFR/2nd round pick, the compensation for S Daniel Bullocks, who was tendered at his original round (2nd round), would drop to a third round pick.

Basically because Jason Hunter was tendered with a second-round pick, which is the highest one the Lions gave out, Daniel Bullocks' tender dropped to a third-round selection.  Bullocks was actually a second-round pick, but because of this rule, his tender has to drop a round since Hunter, who originally was an undrafted free agent, received a second-round tender.

For the players who received a tendered offer, here is what their salary will look like next season as long as no other teams extend an offer to them:

G Daniel Loper (ROFR) - $1,226,000
G Manny Ramirez (ROFR & Original Draft Compensation) - $1,101,000
C Dylan Gandy (ROFR & Original Draft Compensation) - $1,176,000
DE Jason Hunter (ROFR & 2nd Round Compensation) - $1,759,000
CB Kevin Hobbs (ROFR) - $1,101,000
S Ko Simpson (ROFR & Original Draft Compensation) - $1,176,000
S Daniel Bullocks (Right of First Refusal (ROFR) & Original Draft Compensation) - $1,176,000

If other teams start signing these players to offer sheets and the Lions decline to match the offers, this is what the team will receive for compensation:

G Daniel Loper - Nothing
G Manny Ramirez - Fourth-Round Pick
C Dylan Gandy - Fourth-Round Pick
DE Jason Hunter - Second-Round Pick
CB Kevin Hobbs - Nothing
S Ko Simpson - Fourth-Round Pick
S Daniel Bullocks - Third-Round Pick