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Lions Tender Offers to All Five Exclusive Rights Free Agents

In addition to the restricted free agents who received a tendered offer, the Lions have also decided to tender offers to their five exclusive rights free agents.  I was a little confused over what exactly makes a player an exclusive rights free agent, especially with the different rules coming into play for an uncapped season, but here is a great summary from Wikipedia:

Exclusive-Rights Free Agents are players who have completed between 0-2 accrued seasons of service whose contracts have expired. If tendered, they have no negotiating rights with other clubs and must sign their tender with their old club or sit out the season.

The five exclusive rights free agents that the Lions have tendered offers to are listed below.

RB Cedric Peerman
OG Corey Hilliard
TE Jake Nordin
LB Zack Follett
CB DeAngelo Smith

This move essentially re-signs these five players to the Lions, because I highly doubt that any of them are going to sit out the season over their offer.