Jake DelHomme...

'I'm so glad he was cut by the Panthers. He is up there on my list of "least favorite players", passed only by the likes of Jared Allen and Bret Favre. He's been mediocre for years and pretty terrible in the last two years. Matt Moore is a better option, and they could pick up any QB in the 2nd round and they will be better.

Now I can use the Panthers on Madden and I have another alternate NFC team.

He's on NFLN crying right now, and he's saying they are joyful tears, but it's more likely that it's because he'll never play again. He's got terrible accuracy and is not a deep threat. Chad Pennington has a stronger arm then DelHomme. He sounds like an alright locker room guy, but that's the only positive I have to say about him.

So, I hope I don't read any posts about how the Lions should pick him up as a veteran back up.

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