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Corey Williams Trade Official; Compensation Released

Corey Williams has passed his physical, as the trade to bring him to Detroit is now official.  There was speculation over what the Lions gave up to acquire Williams, and based on reports of a "low-round pick" many assumed it was the fifth-rounder that originally belonged to Denver.  As it turns out, that is in fact one of the picks involved in the deal.  The other, a seventh-rounder, is part of the deal as well, except it is being given to the Lions by Cleveland, as John Niyo reports.

Lions deal for DT Corey Williams done -- meet with media now. Browns get 2010 5th rdr Lions got from Denver last April. Browns send '10 7th

This sounds like a great deal to me.  Not only did the Lions manage to get a player who will compete for a starting job at defensive tackle for only a fifth-round pick, but Detroit also got a seventh-rounder out of the deal.  Since the Lions gave up a seventh-rounder to acquire Ko Simpson from the Bills, it's nice to now once again have a pick in every round of the draft.

Below is a look at what picks the Lions now have for the 2010 draft after they gave up the 15th selection of the fifth-round and acquired the 7th selection of the seventh-round.

Round 1 - #2 (2)
Round 2 - #2 (34)
Round 3 - #2 (66)
Round 4 - #2 (TBD)
Round 5 - #2 (TBD)
Round 6 - #2 (TBD)
Round 7 - #7 from Cleveland (TBD)