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Larry Foote Schedules Visits with Arizona, Washington

Linebacker Larry Foote, who officially became a free agent on Friday, has scheduled visits with the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins.  Foote drew some late interest from the Cardinals last year before signing with the Lions, most likely because Ken Whisenhunt was with the Steelers at the same time as Foote.  Considering that, it's no real surprise that he is drawing interest from Arizona again, especially when you consider that they have already lost Karlos Dansby to the Dolphins.  Arizona needs to bring in another linebacker, and there is a connection there with Foote.

More than anything, this seems to indicate that Foote and the Lions have moved on.  I know Tom Lewand said it was possible that the two sides could come to a deal even after free agency starts, but the writing seems to be on the wall in this case.  Foote wants a multi-year deal that the Lions aren't willing to dish out because they obviously feel comfortable with DeAndre Levy at middle linebacker.  I really wish something could get worked out, but I have to remember this is a business.  Personal feelings aside, if the Lions think Levy has the middle linebacker position locked down, then there is no point to sign Foote to a multi-year deal.

What I will say is that if Foote is indeed moving on, then I want to thank him for coming to the Lions for the 2009 season.  It's not often that a player like Foote will turn down multiple offers to play for a team coming off of a winless season, but that is exactly what Foote did since he wanted to give back to his hometown in more ways than one.  I think he did a tremendous job at middle linebacker in 2009, and more than anything he allowed the Lions to transition to the future at that position with DeAndre Levy.