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William James to Visit Seahawks

Larry Foote isn't the only free agent starting to make his post-Lions plans.  Earlier today it was reported that Foote has lined up visits with the Redskins and Cardinals, and now Pro Football Talk is reporting that fellow free agent Williams James will also be heading west for a visit -- to Seattle.

It was once thought that the Lions were going to bring James back based on the comments of some people from the team, but then we learned on Thursday from his agent that a deal before the start of free agency was unlikely.  To me that still left the door open for a return since none of the Lions' free agents were re-signed before March 5, but now that James is ready to visit another team, I'd say he's probably gone.

Obviously nothing is certain one way or the other when it comes to the Lions' free agents, but you would think that if Detroit wanted to bring back someone like William James that it would get a deal done long before he was ready to visit another team.  After all, the Lions have no depth at corner right now, so for it to get to the point where James is scheduling visits with other teams, I'm just assuming Detroit has decided to not bring him back.