What do you want Detroit to do with the 2nd pick in the draft?

Hey guys, as you can tell I'm a Packer fan. I'm not here to smack talk or anything, but am rather interested in the upcoming draft. Obviously Detroit is a team to watch knowing they have the second overall pick in the draft. First off, I must commend Detroit on a fabulous offseason so far. Your addition of DE Kyle Vanden Bosch and DT Corey Williams actually have a few of us Packer fans shaking. I'm serious about that too. We have not forgotten the 7-8 sacks per year that Corey Williams brought to our defense. Adding Vanden Bosch just makes it better yet.

That leaves me with the question: what will Detroit do with the second overall pick in light of who Detroit recently signed? I guess you can't truly answer that, but you can specify what you prefer. While discussing this at APC, a fellow Packer fan brought up an interesting point: Corey Williams is a 3 technique DT. Suh and McCoy are both 3 technique DT’s as well. That means you would have plenty of pass rushers, but do you have anybody to rely on to stop the run? Having two 3 technique DT's leaves the middle of your defensive line quite vulnerable to the run. On the other hand, the NFL has become a pass first league, so a better pass rush may give you better odds in the end.

With that said, who do you prefer to draft with the second pick? Obviously trading down to TB or KC would be a given, but lets say they aren't willing to do that. Who do you want to draft and why?

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