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Tom Kowalski: Lions Won't Pursue Lito Sheppard

The Lions have already made some moves to improve their secondary, but according to Tom Kowalski, don't expect anything to happen with Lito Sheppard.

Contrary to a report that indicated the Detroit Lions were interested in bringing in veteran free agent cornerback Lito Sheppard for an interview, it's not going to happen. According to a league source, the Lions will not pursue Sheppard.

Well, that's that I guess.  I'm not going to bother speculating too much over if things changed or if the original report was inaccurate, but one quick guess is that with the additions of Jonathan Wade and Chris Houston, perhaps the Lions are simply content with waiting to make any moves involving a veteran like Sheppard until after the draft.  After all, the Lions don't necessarily want to go too crazy with the signings, especially if they have a plan to address the cornerback position in the draft.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.