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Transactions Tracker: What the Lions Have Done in March So Far

The start of free agency has brought about a slew of stories ranging from rumors to trades to signings and to releases.  In the past week alone, there have been over 40 stories posted on Pride of Detroit, not to mention a countless number of FanPosts and FanShots as well.  With that in mind, I wouldn't be surprised if some of you have missed a story or two since things have been so busy.  In order to quickly catch you all up on everything that has happened in the last week, I put together a transactions tracker dating back to March 4, which is when things first started happening this month.  Check it out.


  • WR Nate Burleson; 5 years, $25 million with $11 million guaranteed (March 5)
  • DE Kyle Vanden Bosch; 4 years, $26 million with $10 million in 2010 (March 5)
  • WR Brian Clark; 1 year (March 8)
  • CB Jonathan Wade; 1 year (March 8)


  • OT Jon Jansen; 1 year, $860,000 (March 5)
  • LB Vinny Ciurciu; 1 year (March 5)
  • TE Will Heller; 3 years (March 8)


  • Received from Cleveland: DT Corey Williams, 2010 7th-round pick; Sent to Cleveland: 2010 5th-round pick originally belonging to Denver (March 5)
  • Received from Atlanta: CB Chris Houston, 2010 5th-round pick; Sent to Atlanta: 2010 5th-round pick, 2010 6th-round pick (March 8)


Restricted Free Agent Tenders (March 4)

  • OG Manny Ramirez (Right of First Refusal [ROFR] & Original Draft Compensation [4th-round pick]) - $1,101,000
  • OG Daniel Loper (ROFR) - $1,226,000
  • C Dylan Gandy (ROFR & Original Draft Compensation [4th-round pick]) - $1,176,000
  • DE Jason Hunter (ROFR & 2nd Round Compensation) - $1,759,000
  • DE Copeland Bryan - Not tendered
  • LB Cody Spencer - Not tendered
  • CB Kevin Hobbs (ROFR) - $1,101,000
  • S Daniel Bullocks (ROFR & Original Draft Compensation [recognized as a 3rd-round pick]) - $1,176,000
  • S Ko Simpson (ROFR & Original Draft Compensation [4th-round pick]) - $1,176,000

Exclusive Rights Free Agents Tendered Offers (March 4)

  • RB Cedric Peerman
  • OG Corey Hilliard
  • TE Jake Nordin
  • LB Zack Follett
  • CB DeAngelo Smith