This just came to me tell me what you think

Could you image if this happened.... and from all the different sites and rumors I have been seeing this is not to far


1. Draft Suh at #2...That is if the Rams do the smart thing and draft Bradford of course... Now our DL is set and

ready to rock it

2. Trade for Gaither... Better than drafting Okrung cause you truely do not know what you will get in the draft... You

may get an O. Pace or you may get T. Mandrich.. And at least you know you have a proven starter and stud at LT (as long as there no major injury)

3. Sign/Trade for Sims.. Now the OL transformation is complete (Brackus, Gaither, Sims, Chilus ya I know I spelled

it wrong Riaola...

4. Draft Rolle in the 3rd rd.. Now our DB's are set for the most part... who know's we may sign Pacman and he will

have NO issues and he returns to the player he was when he was with the Titans...

We maybe competing for a playoff spot next yr.

Let me know what you guys think!!!!

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