not really a mock, but a wish list...

Ok, here's my first mock draft, but it's not necessarily what I'm predicting will happen, because I honestly think the draft order will change dramatically for us. This is more like a list of players I think will be there when we pick and would fill needs/qualify as bpa as well.

Round 1 - Ndamakong Suh - Between Suh, Hill, and Corey Williams, DT is a strength

Round 2 - Devin McCourty - Would rather have Kyle Wilson, but this is more realistic and McCourty is a solid CB.

Round 3 - Brandon Ghee - Another CB to hopefully shore up our secondary, good size and speed and ball skills.

Round 4 - John Jerry - Instantly come in and start at LG and allow Backus to focus on his job only and could possibly replace Cherilus at RT if Gosder doesn't step up. This or trade for Rob Sims.

Round 5 - Anthony Dixon - may not fall this far, but after watching some film he reminds me of an Adrian Peterson but a little slower. Not a home run hitter like Best/Spiller, but can do it all and is fast enough to out run the secondary...or carry them. Worst case scenario, we have a short-yardage/goal line back that keeps our offense on the field. Then next year we can take a RB in round one or two.

Round 7 - Greg Hardy - Also a bit of wishful thinking, but he's had injury issues, so he could slip to the 7th, if he can get into shape and stay healthy, he could be an everydown RE and allow Avril to be a pass-rush specialist. IF he pans out, our D-line is the strength of our team.

Round 7 - Trindon Holliday - Special teams only, fast as hell and has the ability to go endzone-to-endzone at any time. Could be our solution at KR/PR for years to come.

Not perfect, one or two hopeful players, but our Dline, secondary, Oline, and RB are addressed. I'm sure my opinion will change between now and the draft, and like I said, I think a lot of trades will go down both before and on draft day. I picture us having 10 picks when it's all said and done, with 5 in the first 3 rounds and an extra 5th or 6th round pick. I think if Mayhew can get an extra 2nd and 3rd round pick and stay in the top ten picks, we trade out of the 2nd overall Suh or not.

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