POD Mock Draft Contest [UPDATED!!]

I know a lot of people on this site have their own mocks and whatnot, and the draft is fast approaching, so I thought that this would be a pretty cool idea:

The idea is simple. You mock the Lions draft picks, all seven picks, and then you post it as a comment on an upcoming thread. Each pick will be given a certain point value, if you get it right, you get those points, if you don't then you get nothing. In the end, your point total will be multiplied by your accuracy, which will be the final score. The person with the final score will be named the POD Mock Draft King of 2010.

As far as the point system goes, here is what I'm proposing:

1st round pick: 5 Points

2nd round pick: 10 Points

3rd round pick: 15 Points

4th round pick: 20 Points

Each 7th round pick: 30 Points

I think its fair to make the first round pick worth next to nothing since we are almost who the pick is going to be. I'm not too sure about making the 7th rounders such high value, but it makes sense since it is next to impossible to get 7th rounders right.

An example: lets say someone gets the first four picks right, and none of the 7th rounders correct. He would have a point total of 5 + 10+15+20 = 50 Points. He would also have a accuracy of 4/7 picks. So, we would multiply (4/7)*(50) = 28.57.

I wanna use this thread to talk for a day or two about the contest scoring system. After that, I will post a thread where you can post your mocks (only your mocks please) up until the start of the draft.

UPDATE: Allright, I've taken some of the comments into consideration, and heres how I'm thinking of doing this:

The point allotment to each round will remain the same, but there will be a 30% value given to the position, meaning if you get the position right, you get 30% of the points alloted for that round, 100% if you get the player right of course.

This will now be a day to day thing. First round picks will be due on the 22nd, at 7:30 pm (start of draft night), second and third round picks will be due on 6pm on the 23rd, and rounds 4 through 7 will be due on 10 am on the 24th.

IN CASE OF A TRADE: This is the complicated part. If the Lions decide to trade for picks the same day (ie a 4th rounder for a pair of 5th rounders), those picks will no longer count (meaning you can't reselect players for the 5th round picks), but if they trade for picks in another day, then picks may or may not hold valid:

Example: Lets say Detroit decides to trade down from 34th to 39th for an extra 4th round pick. In this case, they only moved down five picks in round two, then the pick will still count for points. However, if the Lions move from the 34th to lets say the 62nd pick, then it probably wont. (We will discuss which picks will count and which ones wont when the draft is over, but for now all you guys need to know is that you can't make picks for picks acquired in the same day...I thought about it, and it would make the process really messy if reselections were allowed, as I'm sure not everyone would get their selections in).

If anyone else has a better idea, PLEEASE let me know because I can't find a perfect way of dealing with a trade situation.

Lastly, you will have two tries to get picks right in rounds 4 and 5 (ie you pick two players), and three tries for rounds 6 and 7.

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