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Monday Notes: Examining the Albert Haynesworth Rumors

  • Shortly after Donovan McNabb was traded to the Redskins last week, lots of rumors started swirling about Albert Haynesworth.  Specifically, the rumors suggested that Haynesworth could be dealt and that Washington tried to trade him as part of the McNabb deal.  Naturally, the Lions' name came up in the rumors quite a bit because of Jim Schwartz's connection to Haynesworth.  When you consider that the asking price for Haynesworth was only rumored to be around a second-round pick, you can imagine why rumors about Detroit's supposed interest quickly spread.  The thinking was that the Lions could make a deal for Haynesworth, a proven defensive tackle, and then use their first-round pick on a different position.

    Since the rumors reached their peak towards the end of last week, all has been pretty quiet on the Haynesworth front.  That is partly because Adam Schefter reported that the Redskins are not going to make a trade involving Haynesworth.  Whether or not that turns out to be true remains to be seen, but I do think this situation is worth keeping an eye on.  I'm not sure if the Lions would be willing make a move to land Haynesworth, but it's interesting to think about the pros and cons of such a deal.  By now I think you all have managed to go down the list of pros and cons and examine a possible deal from all angles in the FanPosts section, but I wanted to mention it on the front page in case anybody was wondering what's up with all of the rumors.
  • Daniel Bullocks, who will likely sign his tendered contract offer with the Lions sometime in the near future, is rehabbing his injured knee and is getting closer to being 100% healthy.
  • Luigi Gjokaj, a boxer from Detroit, visits the Lions in Allen Park each Wednesday to train with the team.  Apparently boxing has been incorporated into the Lions' offseason workout program, which is the reason for the weekly visit.
  • Pitt quarterback Bill Stull apparently worked out for the Lions on April 2.
  • It was reported last week that Connecticut cornerback/special teamer Robert McClain was scheduled to visit the Lions at some point.
  • The old Texas Stadium was imploded on Sunday morning.
  • Santonio Holmes has been traded by Pittsburgh to the Jets for only a fifth-round pick.

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