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2010 Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft: Pick No. 42

Rd. # Player Pos. College
2 42 Carlos Dunlap
General Manager: Hyperion Ecta

With the 42nd pick of the 2010 Pride of Detroit Community Mock Draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Florida defensive end Carlos Dunlap.

Here is Hyperion Ecta's reasoning for the pick:

I helped the Bucs' defensive line out in the 1st round by selecting Gerald McCoy, but that just isn't enough to overcome their woes on the defensive line. So I've decided to spend another high-round draft pick in this area of need. Now, we're just about in the middle of the 2nd round where talent that might've slipped from 1st round consideration has probably already been scooped up by other teams, however, Florida's Carlos Dunlap happens to be sitting pretty here for Tampa Bay to scoop up themselves.

Dunlap is an intriguing prospect. He has extreme amounts of talent and potential, so much so that he was considered a top 5 pick at one point, but a multitude of character concerns has managed to drop him out of the 1st round. When Carlos is on song he shows everything you'd want from a top-notch DE- superb athleticism, good speed and burst, power, ability to shed blocks, the range to stop the run and reliable tackling. However, he possesses many weaknesses which either need to be ironed out or gameplanned around- a problem motor, poor technique, a lack of work ethic and a lack of focus on the game of football. I think these things can be overcome. Whether that can be in Tampa remains to be seen. But putting someone with this much potential on the edge with McCoy manning the middle should reap rewards for the Bucs. Or it could be a disaster...who knows....

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