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Saturday Notes: Lions Release Kevin Hobbs, Brian Witherspoon

  • Along with Daniel Loper and Kalvin Pearson, the Lions also released cornerbacks Kevin Hobbs and Brian Witherspoon in the last couple of days.  I'm sure some of you are wondering why these moves are just now happening, but my guess is that it is basically a spring cleaning of the roster.  With the draft quickly approaching, I imagine Martin Mayhew wanted to trim the roster a bit to get rid of players that he felt would not be worth keeping around.
  • Witherspoon was not without a job for long, as the Panthers quickly claimed him off waivers.
  • In order to avoid possible charges of tampering, this was Jim Schwartz's answer to a question about Albert Haynesworth: "He's under contract with the Redskins."  I'm sure the tampering issue was only part of the reason why Schwartz gave that deflecting answer.  Another part is that Schwartz probably doesn't want to say anything that could tip the Lions' hand as the draft nears.  If a deal were to go down to bring Haynesworth to Detroit, there's a great chance it would happen during the draft, and the Lions aren't about to affect their plans by letting something slip out about the Redskins defensive tackle.
  • It has been a few months since the devastating earthquake in Haiti, but it is still fresh in the mind of Louis Delmas.
    "My Mom's OK, but I haven't talked to my father yet or grandma or cousins. I hate to beat a dead horse about saying they've passed, but reality says they've passed. I haven't heard from them to this point and none of my family has either. I hope they are all right. I'm still praying for them."
    Delmas hosted a fundraiser BBQ for Haiti at Western Michigan and plans to personally deliver food and other items to Haiti in July.
  • Note on the POD Community Mock Draft: Things have been in neutral and are a bit delayed, which is why there hasn't been a new post on that yet today.  Even so, once we get things going again I plan on just firing the picks off in order to make sure we get to the Lions' third-rounder before the draft starts on Thursday.
  • The Dolphins traded Ted Ginn to the 49ers for a fifth-round pick.  It's hard to believe that Ginn was originally the ninth overall pick in the 2007 draft considering he was just dealt for a fifth-rounder, but his career has been pretty unimpressive so far, to say the least. I bet Chad Henne is seriously happy right about now, though.  His top target went from Ginn, a player only worth a fifth-round pick, to Brandon Marshall, who has the potential to be one of the best receivers in the league.
  • Assuming Sam Bradford is the top overall pick, his contract is going to be worth a lot of money.
  • Jimmy Clausen has decided to not attend the draft.
  • Mike Williams has officially signed with the Seahawks.
  • The Silverdome is slowly but surely starting to get renovated.

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