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Updating the Lions' List of Draft Picks

With all of the trades that have taken place this offseason, it has been tough to keep track of what draft picks the Lions actually have.  Just when you have the picks memorized, it seems like the Lions make another move involving additional draft picks.  Well, in order to keep track of where the Lions will be picking in this week's NFL Draft, take a look at the list below. 

Round 1 - #2 (2)
Round 2 - #2 (34)
Round 3 - #2 (66)
Round 4 - #2 (100)
Round 7 - #6 from Seattle (213)
Round 7 - #7 from Cleveland (214)
Round 7 - #13 from Denver (220)
Round 7 - #48 (255)

This list includes the most recent trade involving Tony Scheffler and Ernie Sims that sent another seventh-round pick to Detroit.  It gave the Lions a fourth seventh-rounder, all of which didn't originally belong to them.  Actually, the only original picks the Lions still have are their first four.  After that they have gotten rid of all of their picks and have even traded away a fifth-rounder that they acquired from the Broncos during last year's draft. 

If I were a betting man I would be willing to guess that the Lions aren't done moving picks, because as I said on Monday, I doubt they are just stockpiling seventh-rounders for the hell of it.  Three of those picks can be traded and potentially packaged together if the Lions want to make a move back into the sixth round, for example.  On top of that, I wouldn't be shocked if the Lions opted to move down in one of the first four rounds.  It seems unlikely in the very first round, but after that the Lions could certainly slide down to get some extra picks.

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