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Lions Coaches Dish Out Some Subtle Draft Hints

No, Jim Schwartz and the rest of the Lions' brass aren't on Twitter posting song titles to give us hints about which players will be picked in the draft, but they did say some interesting things earlier this week at an event for Lions season-ticket holders.  Specifically, Jim Schwartz said this while fans were chanting for Ndamukong Suh to be the second overall pick:

"Let me say this, the draft board has been pretty solidly set. We are going to go over some mock-draft scenarios over the next couple days and cover all of our options. There are a lot of different ways we can go, but you won't be disappointed," Lions coach Jim Schwartz said as the crowd was chanting "Suh, Suh".

I suppose you could take that to mean that fans won't be disappointed by what the Lions do in general, but do you say something like that with a bunch of fans chanting for Suh?  I suppose we will find out tonight for sure, but I also thought these comments from Gunther Cunningham and Scott Linehan were interesting when they were asked about Suh.

"I'm going to listen to my wife. When we got back from the Senior Bowl she was already on the Internet looking at the other guys. After the combine she made a comment to me. She said, 'I think (Gerald) McCoy is really good, but Suh is really pretty,' " Cunningham said. "I said 'Well, can he play?' and she said I needed to watch these things and (I'll) understand like (she) does."

Linehan added:

"When we're killing the other team's quarterback, I'm going to be happy," he said.

Again, it's possible that what the coaches said earlier this week means absolutely nothing, but the few signs we do have seem to point to Suh being the pick.  The Lions have done an exceptional job of being very secretive about who they will pick throughout the months leading up to the draft and even these comments don't reveal anything unless you really try to read between the lines.  Either way, I think we can all agree that we will be happy when the defense is killing the other team's quarterback.  I personally would be surprised if that didn't mean Suh was the pick, but one thing about the draft is that it is never short of surprises, so I suppose we will just have to wait and find out tonight.

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