Schwartz on Best

"With some of the other weapons we've added on offense, and with a quarterback that we drafted last year, we have the makings of some firepower. He's a guy that can go the distance, we struggled with 20+ yard runs last year. He's got a lot of em. The folks at youtube are very happy because of a lot of people googlin on Suh's highlights and this guy's highlights. If you checked my internet records, you'd see me hit them quite a lot too. If it hadn't been for that time he landed on his head, we wouldn't even be talking about him at this time in the draft."

Killer's question: something something Calvin and Best, what do you see?

"The makings of some special things, this was a player that we had a lot of really good feeling. We had a plan for exactly how we're gonna use him on offense. Again, I was hoping for two things in this draft. One is to be able to get him, Jahvid Best I mean. And two, if we weren't able to get him, just prayin that he didn't go to Green Bay or Minnesota or Chicago and have to defend a guy like this. We see a lot of tricked up defenses to try to stop Calvin. A running back that can beat a guy 1 on 1 can raise hell with those kind of coverages. He's a home run threat, a human highlight film and has some special abilities... A lot of people mentioned Spiller as being the fastest guy in the draft, Jahvid Best ran a better 40 time at the combine, won the 100 meters in the state of California, he was productive right away at Cal. He's returned kicks, has great hands and is an all around great player and we have a QB that can give him the ball."

I'm tired of transcribing this cuz I don't quite type fast enough to keep up so here's the link

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