Best pick a long time coming

I know by now everyone has stated their case for or against Jahvid Best at least a dozen times each, and I'm glad that the majority of you guys seem to be in favor. I'm on the band wagon of "it's not how I would have drawn it up, but based on how the draft actually went, I'm thrilled with the pick". There were no CBs without major question marks, and all of the available LBs were 3-4 type OLBs. Overall, I think Best is going to make this team very, very watchable. Don't forget, guys, that before his concussion, he was running away with the Heisman. It wasn't even close. He was the best CFB player for the first half of the year (no pun intended).

I also want to point out this one nugget from Yahoo Sports (and former SI) writer Michael Silver's twitter page (@RealMikeSilver)-

Jim Schwartz confided to me in January he lusted for Jahvid Best... and that if I told anyone, he'd have to kill me. #GoBears

That is such a Jim Schwartz thing to say. It really makes you wonder what sort of stuff football writers know but are forbidden to say. FYI, Silver is a Cal grad, so the bears he's rooting for are the golden variety, not the crappy chicago version.

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