So what are our options after day 1?

I was doing some searching looking for clues as to how we may fill our holes since we do not have enough draft picks left to cover all our needs. I stumbled on this and thought it might bring some cheer and happiness to your day since we no longer have an early pick on day 2.

This link relates to how we may help fill the hole at OLB left by Sims. If we were to draft an OLB these are the guys left. Hybrid LB is listed first, they would be traditional 3-4 LB, OLB are listed next but that is for a traditional 4-3 OLB. the last list is ILB. We run a system that requires a kind of special LB. LB in our system is kind of a do it all and IMO from my limited fan knowledge the two best fits would be Koa Misi and Donald Butler, however Daryl Washington, Sean Lee, and Navarro Bowman might work too. Either way if we take any of these guys I will trust they are the right fit for our system, or at least have the potential to be.

  1. Sergio Kindle
  2. Thaddeus Gibson
  3. Koa Misi
  4. Ricky Sapp
  5. Jason Worilds
  1. Navarro Bowman
  2. Eric Norwood
  3. Roddrick Muckelroy
  4. Rennie Curran
  5. A.J. Edds
  1. Daryl Washington
  2. Sean Lee
  3. Donald Butler
  4. Patrick Angerer
  5. Jamar Chaney

If you want to see what went on from the Viqueens side of things look here but I will quote the best part below.

The Vikings talked to four teams about potential trades during their 10-minute period when they were on the clock at No. 30, Spielman said.

This link will give you guys some insight into the CB hole.

There are also these CB's left in the draft:

  1. Amari Spievey
  2. Dominique Franks
  3. Perrish Cox
  4. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah
  5. Jerome Murphy

As far as the need for a S I think between Ko Simpson and Daniel Bullocks we will be ok going another year without drafting one if we have to. Here are the top S prospects left and keep in mind our system would favor the FS classified ones. SS will be the first list, FS will be the second list.

  1. Chad Jones
  2. Reshad Jones
  3. T.J. Ward
  4. Kurt Coleman
  5. Myron Rolle

  1. Nate Allen
  2. Taylor Mays
  3. Morgan Burnett
  4. Major Wright
  5. Kam Chancellor

So if you think about it we are not in bad shape at all. We have the following picks left 3-66, 4-128, 7-213, 7-220, 7-255. So on offense we really only need line depth, don't worry about that too much, I have faith in our front office that they can pick that up after the draft if needed or in the 7th round. That leaves us CB as a need, but we have the possibility of getting a Deon Sanders endorsed, starting caliber Adam Jones. We have S as a need but can get by with a returning Bullocks and Simpson. We have OLB as need but can sign Kieth Bulluk. So you know what that really means? We are not in bad shape at all! Most of the remaining picks in this draft are gravy. Live it and love it baby, the Lions are finally getting close to having a real roster and possibly drafting completely to make prospects "earn it" next year. Meaning that the talent level on the roster is going to be high enough were a starting job is not assumed for any pick. Next year we will likely be addressing holes based on age, lack of playing to expectations, and injury in the draft rather than looking for starters because the roster lacks overall talent. Oh I left out a physical blocking full back, but that is a bit of a luxury too and we can get that in round 7.

Oh well, hope you all enjoy and don't freak out if we do some head scratcher moves, your just not used to having a real front officer anymore and a real roster on the team to work with :)

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