Should have waited for 2nd round.

I like the Best pick, but think we would have had better options to wait it out until the 2nd round started:

- Best may have been at the 34th pick anyways. The Vikings, Saints, and Rams don't need RB help. The Vikings could have been targeting Best to replace Taylor, but I really doubt it. So we could have waited and taken him in the 2nd.

- If we did wait, I'm positive we would have been offered some sweet deals for our early 2nd rounder. Tons of teams will sit around today and look over their draft boards, make calls, hear rumors, and then get antsy that other teams are creeping up the 2nd round. Once that first trade up is made today, then I think things will get crazy. The Lion's were poised to capitalize on all the teams clamoring up, but now they have nothing to bargain with. By waiting, they could have fielded calls all day and if they didn't like the deals, they probably would have still gotten Best.

- Why didn't we trade with the Jets for Wilson? That was a luxury pick for the Jets. They already have Revis and Cromartie. Wilson was considered a top 10 pick at times, so the Jets HAD to take them since he was more than likely at the top of their board. Or that is how it seems. So why couldn't we have traded up to get one of our biggest needs at CB? I would love to know if we tried to make a deal and the Jets wouldn't budge. And I'm still wondering why Wilson fell anyways? Unless there is some major issue with Wilson that comes to light which we, Joe Public, didn't know about, I see no reason why we just didn't jump up and get him.

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