Finally, the Lions draft Strategy comes to light

After all the talk,and after all the hype, I think the Lionsdraft strategy is starting to unfold. There will be no magic wand, no crazy trades for haynesworth. The Lions are going to forsake filling all the holes in their roster by trading down and recruiting "many" mediocre players, and rather maintaining a smaller number of picks but getting quality. They are going to address the depth issue by bringing in players though lower level trades, and free agency.....they'll have them compete like hell and let the best emerge, and cut the rest. The prime example of this is CB We all know we need at least one more starting corner. You watch, the Lions are not going to address the corner high in the Draft (3-4). They'll sign Pacman, and let everyone compete like hell for the open position. They have already brought in several "second tier CB's that are excited to compete for a starting job, but if they don't start, they will be happy to contribute on special teams. I think this is the template for this draft. If I am right, what I expect to see is the Lion's bundling the 4th and 7th, or the 3rd and 7th, to move up in the draft or trade for a real talent. I do not see them drafting a CB (as mentioned above), but I think that there is "one" LB they like out there, and if he's still available they'll bundle to get him. They'll then sign Bulluk and others and let them compete like hell...etc etc

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