24 hrs between round 1-2 Mayhew will do something.

I am willing to bet; with the talent that there is still sitting here in round 2,the Detroit Lions(Martin Mayhew) is working on some deal to get back into round 2.Maybe we give a 2nd and 3rd rounder next yr.Maybe its a 4-5-6 next yr.But im willing to bet the Lions will have a pick in round 2 this yr.I can really see him wanting Bruce Campbell LT ( a prototype LT 6'6 315 LBs great combine) maybe bring him in and sit behind Backus for 1-2 yrs.What about Sergio Kindle MLB/OLB,Carlos Dunlap DE or even Daryl Washington MLB/OLB. These guys are all mid-1st round type talents that had some issues (but they could be great "value" picks in round 2

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